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Rose Quartz Gua Sha

White Lotus

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Eradicates Toxins – Build up of toxins under your skin over time can seriously affect overall skin health. But the rose quartz facial massager aids in quick lymphatic drainage as it eradicates toxins by slowly removing them, thus reducing puffiness and enhancing microcirculation. The latter is extremely important for restoring the natural radiance of your skin.

Tackle Signs of Aging – As time passes, signs of aging like wrinkles, under eye circles, fine lines etc. will appear on your skin, regardless of your skin type. However, you can use the rose quartz facial massager to systematically lessen the signs while improving elasticity of skin.

This rose quartz massager helps to increase blood circulation, improve skin tone, enhance elasticity of skin, tighten and reduce pore size, promote lymphatic drainage, lessen signs of aging like puffiness, wrinkles; dark circles etc. and eliminate toxic buildups.

How to use it: 

You can use it together with an essence, serum or on clean skin. The Gua Sha can be used both in your morning and night rutine on face and body.

Completely Safe – Authentic rose quartz of premium quality is used in manufacturing this face massager. It hasn’t undergone any chemical treatments nor does it contain any artificial components so the crystals retain their natural properties. Thus it is safe for all skin types.