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What is Korean Beauty?

Korean beauty or “K-Beauty” has taken the world with storm, with its focus on healthy, hydrated and brighter skin. They are years ahead of us in skin care innovation with a focus on preventing aging, acne, pigmentation etc. instead of reversing these processes like we tend to do in Western countries. Our beauty ideal has changed in recent years and we move closer to our friends in the East, seeking a more natural clean look. Korea is far advanced within beauty technology and rituals, being the most demanding beauty consumers in the world. This is why we have chosen to listen to the experts as we hope to achieve younger and brighter looking skin for years to come. 

We tend to think that facials and face-masks and other beauty rituals are a luxury, not indulging in these treats often enough. In Korea however, these routines are a daily occurrence, being as normal as we consider brushing our teeth. The focus should be on feeding our skin with nutrients, not covering it up and clogging our pores with make-up.

K-Beauty is also all about natural products, with ingredients we are not used to seeing in the West. Ingredients such a snail mucin, egg-whites, sea kelp, sheep oil and fermented ingredients etc, are all a big focus and are great resources to achieve that glow, reduced lines and clear skin.


What is there to think about? We are ready to get on the K-Beauty train!