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Why exfoliation is a must!

I have always known that exfoliation is great for my skin, to remove dead skin cells and help clean out my pores. However, on my last trip to a Korean spa, I really realized the extent of how essential and beneficial this full body scrub is in the Korean culture. If you have never been to a Korean spa this experience can be a little shocking and overwhelming. It was for me, but once I left, I realized how good it was for my skin (I have never felt so soft of clean in my life)! It cleared my skin, and is brighter and healthier! I got hooked and promised myself to take this ritual home with me, become better with not only the skin on my face, but my whole body. I will make a full body scrub a routine in my life and here is why!


Getting rid of all the dead skin cells enables the products you use to penetrate more easily through the layers of your skin and giving you a better result. It also leaves you feeling silky soft and more moisturized! Exfoliation can also help keep your skins natural collagen production up, so your skin can stay firm, young and plump for as long as possible.


Depending on the sensitivity of your skin you may decide between a chemical or mechanical type of exfoliation.


A mechanical type of exfoliation is when you use a sugar scrub, scrub towels, a konjac sponge or your Clarisonic brush (a personal favorite). This should be used with your first or second cleaning step. If you use a rotation brush or cloth to scrub you can let it work your skin together with your water based cleanser. Charolotte Cho, the K-Beauty Guru, explains how mechanical scrubs are good for normal and combination skin types. But if you are dealing with sensitive, oily, acne prone skin you should be more careful with these, to not cause further breakouts or possibly irritating your skin more. If you are dealing with active ance (a pimple with a white tip) you should stay away from mechanical exfoliation as you don’t want to spread the bacteria and cause more breakouts. However, in my personal experience, having oily acne-prone skin, mechanical exfoliation has really helped clear my skin. But I do make sure never to use on active breakouts.


A little tip – always use you face-wash on your mechanical exfoliation tool for a greater effect. For everyone with sensitive skin, you can mix your scrub with your oil cleanse for a gentler touch!


But don’t worry! There are still options for you, such as a chemical exfoliation. Chemical exfoliation typically uses either a AHA (alpha hydroxy acids) or a BHA (beta hydroxy acids), to get rid of those dead skin cells and clean out your pores. They are sometimes used together for a better effect. The AHA will clear away dead skin cells and prep your skin for the BHA, which will then be able to work deeper and give a better result, keeping your pores clear and clean.


A typical BHA is a salicylic acid, which is every oily skin type’s favourite. Common AHAs are lactic and glycolic acids and its concentration level can range from 5-15%, but is considered a chemical peel over 12%.



However, if your skin is over sensitive, you might face something more serious than sensitivity and you should contact your doctor to see whether you have eczema, rocacea or other skin conditions. If this is the case you should probably stay away from exfoliation or at least be careful. Rather focus on using a good moisturizer to protect your skin.

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