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When getting ready to travel to somewhere by plane, its always a struggle to find out what to pack. Too many options or nothing to wear… do you force everything into a small carry on if you are going for a weekend or do you allow yourself more space? The thought of pouring every step of my skincare routine into little travel appropriate sizes makes me panic so I just always allow myself a large suitcase to check in…! Oh well!


The next question is what to put in your purse to bring on the plane to keep entertained but also what products to bring to let your skin be hydrated, nourished and fresh looking when stepping off the plane. Your night-time routine is most likely compromised on long haul flights, but we will share our tricks with you to stay hydrated and clean and clear of irritation and impurities!


As you have to get through security you cannot bring everything, but we suggest to bring cleansing wipes to remove all make-up before or during the flight. Then a sheetmask is always a good idea as it is packed with essences to really nourish and hydrate your skin. If you feel this is not the look for you, get a good moisturizer to apply, or an over night mask!


Why is this necessary? Your skin is the happiest with a humidity of 40-70 percent says Melissa Kanchanapoomi Levin, a clinical instructor in dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. On an airplane however, the humidity level is only 20 percent, according to the World Health Organisation. As you can see, this is well below what our skin is used to and will cause dryness, flakiness and/or redness. It can also cause your skin to try to over-compensate, causing grease, which is never exciting news.


Therefore, it is so important to drink lots of water and be prepared with the right products. Elizabeth Tanzi, an assistant clinical professor in dermatology at George Washington University Medical Center in Washington, explains how as the skin is so dry on a plane already, a typical moisturizer will not work as well as it usually does. A moisturizer containing hyaluronic acid (or sodium hyaluronate) which is ”a sugar molecule found naturally in the skin—has an amazing ability to bind to water” Tanzi says.


You could start of with our sheetmask or serum from Klairs or our snail essence from Cosrx, containing sodium hyaluronate, and then finish with a good moisturizer.


Levin, also says to stay away from facial mists as this could just dry our your skin as the water evaporates off your skin.


We hope you have enjoyed our little tricks so that you can always #GlowOnTheGo and that you now feel prepared for your next flight! Why not do like Chrissy Teigen and take advantage of a good sheetmask! 




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