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After reading the blog post “THE TEN STEP ROUTINE” you might feel like a champion managing to complete it. The routine can actually vary between 8 and 15 steps, depending on the woman and time of day. But you should know, there is another trick to the trade. Most western women use a towel (NB! never use your body towel but a separate face towel to limit the spreading of bacteria) to wipe off the water when they have washed their face. However, this is all wrong.

Korean woman are all about a gentle longer routine, which is why they do a double or even triple cleanse to really ensure they have gotten rid of off the dirt in a gentle manner. They choose a gentler method because your face has thinner and more fragile skin, more prone to wrinkles or fine lines when handled roughly. Therefore, you should either tap your face with a clean face towel or a sheet of paper to then add the next step of moisturizer, such as a toner and essence. In this way your skin will better absorb the next steps and limit the spread of bacteria and impurities.

You could even take it one step further and leave your face to air dry. However, your face should not be completely dry before adding the e.g. toner or essence as this could lead to just drying your skin further. There is a fine line between drying out and the best way to lock in moisture. Let your face be damp and then apply the next step. This way you won’t risk any spread of bacteria and achieve clean skin and a healthy glow!

Don’t be afraid, it does not take long. To save time I always brush my teeth while waiting and when i’m done my face is perfectly damp and ready for a toner.  


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