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Ten steps may seem a little excessive for most people when it comes to an everyday skincare routine. How long can it possibly take to wash and cleanse your face in the morning? You may even ask yourself “Do i even have the time for this?” or “Will this make me late for work?”. But fear not, once it becomes a routine it is a swift process and so worth it.

Korean women are known to have young and radiant skin as well as being the most demanding customers worldwide when it comes to what they put on their face and their routines. Therefore, we will happily take an extra few minutes in the morning and evening to secure clear skin as well as investing in youthful skin for the decades to come. Lets see what they have to say.

  1. Removal of Make-up

Firstly, make-up must be removed before you start the cleaning process. You want to maximize the result from your cleansing product and this cannot happen with a old make-up or with all the dirt from the day still on your face. My recommendation is to use a wipe to prepare for the first wash. Yes, you heard me.. First wash!

  1. Oil Cleanser

The first cleanse should be an oil based cleanser. What does this mean? This type of cleanse will remove oil based impurities such as sunscreen, make-up and pollution from a long day. You massage it into your face with your fingers and gently wash it off with warm water. Since it is oil based it will leave your skin feeling soft and nourished, which is especially important in the winter. You don’t want to feel dry in the already dry winter weather!

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  1. Water Based Cleanser

The water based cleanse will help remove further impurities that the second cleanse didn’t catch. This type of cleanse will help keep the skin firm and prevent break-outs. This is typically the only cleanse most people use and you may think the two previous steps are a little much? But we would argue that it is not, as you would be surprised to see how much of the day that is left on your skin. Each cleanse prepares the skin to best be able to absorb the ingredients in next step and maximize the results. Be excited - you have just completed a 3-step cleanse! 

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  1. Toning & Exfoliation

Both toning and exfoliation are very important, and to not make this process any longer than it has to, it can now be completed in one step with the use of exfoliating pads instead of regular cotton pads. These pads will restore the skin’s pH balance as well as getting rid of dead skin cells. This is important to give the skin a pure look and prevent clogging and break-outs. One day a week should still be dedicated to a proper exfoliation but this quick step works for the everyday routine.

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  1. Essence

An essence combines a serum and a toner and will help the skin achieve a brighter look and speed up the recovery process for damaged skin. An essence will be packed with nutrients, so we call it a skin food. 

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  6 & 7. Treatment & Sheet Mask

This is where you can fight your typical skin problems. For us, it is pigment spots and hormonal break-outs occuring on the chin. A brightener for the first, and an exfoliator/deep pore cleanser for the latter to remove dead skin cells and limit the skin’s natural oil production which can be a little excessive for some…! An alternative can also be to use a sheet mask.

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   8 & 9. Moisturize & Eye Cream

We cannot stress enough the importance of a good moisturizer! In winter, we sometimes feel the need to use more than one to keep the skin from feeling tight and cracked. Dry skin will often also lead to overproduction of oil and then to breakouts. A good moisturizer will protect the skin and leave it soft, elastic and nourished. For night time, a repairing moisturizer or a sleeping pack is perfect, giving the skin time to really heal itself. You must also not forget the eye cream, which will help protect the very thin and fragile skin around the eyes. This is typically where the first wrinkles appear, so a good eye cream is key.

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   10. Sunscreen

Sunscreen during the day time is so important to prevent early aging and pigmentation. UVA and UVB is what makes the skin’s collagen production go down the drain, so don’t get sloppy!

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This may seem like a very long list of things to get through, but we promise it is a quick process and an investment into your skin’s future! And if you sometimes don’t feel like doing all the steps that’s ok too. It can seem a little overwhelming in the beginning, but we promise, when you get into it, it’s addictive and you will see great results.


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