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The Power Of The Snail

When you think of snails or snail mucin, it may not be your first instinct to want to put this on your face… But we are telling you, you should, and we are going to tell you why.


Snail mucin has been popular in Korean skincare for years and it is pretty common. Most Korean skincare brands will have at least one product that is based on snail mucin. They say our snails and their precious mucin will help prevent acne (which I am always excited to hear), lighten and brighten acne scarring, it is anti-inflammatory, skin regenerating as well as having anti-age benefits!


When we first heard about it we both looked at each other in awe and when we first got our hands on it, it took about 3 seconds to try it on…! … And yes! We are still on the snail train and we love it for its results. However, we have realized that not everyone may feel this way and may be a little sceptical about putting snail slime on their face.


So let us explain the basics of their healing powers. As snails move around in rocky territory, they tend to hurt themselves. Their skin gets cut on the sharp rocks (no we never thought about it either!), and so they produce this slimy texture, mucin, that heals their skin fast so they can live a long and cut-free life. Their mucin also helps to keep them safe from bacterial infections and their bodies moist.


The good news is that we can also reap the benefits through putting their mucus on our skin.


Snail mucin heals because it is a combination of hyaluronic acid, glycoprotein, proteoglycans, and antimicrobial and copper peptides. This means that it will help stimulate the formation of collagen and elastin, protect skin from free radicals, soothe skin, repair damaged tissues and restore hydration. It can be used to treat dry skin, wrinkles and stretch marks, acne and rosacea, age spots, burns, scars, razor bumps and even flat warts.


We found that the use of snail slime for beauty dates back to ancient Greece, where famous physician Hippocrates reportedly prescribed crushed snails and sour milk to cure inflammation. Also, the use of snail based products started recently when farmers who handled snails for the food markets noticed their skin was visibly smoother. Snail facials and spas are found across Korea and other eastern countries, where actual snails are placed on your face during treatment...! We understand why this not be so tempting, but you should not fear our beloved snail concentrated essence! 

So.. what is not to love?! We hope that by now you are as excited about snail products as we are and you can view our snail concentrate from Cosrx below.



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