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Sleeping mask – Let the mask do all the work!

After washing your face and before going to bed, you might want to treat yourself to a facemask, but there is always the risk of falling asleep! This is a big no and just thinking of the messiness stresses me out…! But fear not! This is exactly why a sleeping mask is so amazing!


But what exactly is a sleeping mask? Let us explain. When we fist came across sleeping masks, they did very much look like a night cream and I wondered if it was just the same thing, different packaging. However, after some research we found that a sleeping mask is indeed different from a night cream and other masks. This is because it is actually intended to lay on top of your skin for several hours and not be washed off like other masks, and does not contain any active ingredients that can irritate or cause reactions.

Dr. Weiser, a dermatologist based in NYC, explains that "they are primarily intended for overnight hydration. They're excellent for providing deep moisture and often paired with antioxidants to leave skin radiant and fresh in the morning." 

So… They are perfect for a deep hydration and you will wake up feeling and looking like you have slept a good 10 hours, even though you may be suffering from a very hectic everyday life. And aren’t we all? 

Sleeping masks and over-night masks are different from night creams as a night cream is usually just to give added moisture and nourishment to dry or irritated skin. While sleeping masks “tend to contain more intense hydrators in combination with anti-aging ingredients," says Dr. Weiser. "And they're often in gel-like formulas to enhance the penetration of the active ingredients and maximise overnight benefits." 

So you could say that a night cream is for day-to-day use but once in a while you can grab a over-night/sleeping mask for those extra added benefits, such as anti-age or to treat acne prone skin.

As it is summer time, you might feel like moisture in not top of the list… However, with being exposed to air conditioning, sun damage etc. you should definitely make sure your skin is taken care of and properly moisturized! Moisturized skin will heal better and prevent early aging!

And why not let the products do all the work while you sleep? We say YES please!

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