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There are so many different types of acne, and having acne-prone skin myself, it is something i care a great deal about. If you are one of those people who feel like they have tried every cleanser, every cream, every treatment, then i can tell you that i know exactly how you feel!

To treat your acne situation in the most effective way you should find out what is the type of acne you are suffering from and combine this with products that are aimed for this purpose. There is usually a reason for why you have acne in certain areas of your face, so to make it all a little easier to understand you can see the facial map underneeth.


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I have always been told that the body rids itsself of toxins, illness and stress through its largest organ, the skin. Therefore, facemapping makes it easier to understand the underlying reasons for your breakouts, making treatment easier. Facemapping has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries and links a breakout in a particular area of your face to a particular organ. Dr. Dan Hsu, who specialises in eastern medicine, says that your skin is an expression of your health, and that we have to look at the body as a whole to get a better understanding.


 Dr. Dan Hsu explains how this area is linked to your gullbladder and liver. If this is a problematic area for you, you should try to stay away from processed food or junk food, reducing the amount of fat in your diet. According to another New York based dermatologist, Dr. Whitney Bowe, above and inbetween your brows is also where food alergies first show up, such as loctose intolerance or allergy. 


 Dr. Hsu explains how breakouts in this area is usually caused by excessive drinking or smoking or eating too much fatty foods. Examples of foods can be butter or cheese and he also suggests cutting down on late night snacks.


 The nose is a very common area for blackheads and breakouts here is connected to your lungs and heart. Hsu explains that if this is a problem area for you, you should check your blood pressure and vitamin B levels. Increased level of vitamin B can help combat breakouts. You should also cut back on spicy foods, meat and salt and focus more on fruits, veggies, avocados, fish and nuts as they are full of the good types of fats such as omega-3 and 6. (For all you Norwegians out there, remember to take your Möller’s Tran!)


 Yes, there is a difference between the right and the left side of your face. Dr. Hsu explains how cooling foods can help this area, such as melons and cucumber. The left cheek is more correlated to your liver than the right, which is weakest during 13.00 and 17.00 so you should try to avoid anything that could be strenuous to your liver during this time. 


 This cheek has a higher correlation to your lungs explains Dr. Hsu. You could strengthen your lungs by doing regular aerobic excercise in the morning and other breathing exercises. Sugar is also a factor which your right cheek is more affected by, so he explains how you could cut back on junk foods, sugar, wine, taro and sea foods. Another important trick would be to regularly clean your make-up brushes as they carry a lot of bacteria, which clogs your pores.


Breakouts across and around the mouth is usually caused by diet or allergies. This area is correlated with your digestive organs such as intestines and your liver. If this is a problematic area for you, you should go to your doctor to see if you might have any food allergies or intolerances. You should also cut back on spicy or fried food.


Dr. Hsu says that if this is a problematic area you should see a doctor or gynecologist to get your hormonal levels checked out. Breakouts in this area could usually get better when you are on birth control. You might have thought your hormones had calmed down and that the time of hormonal acne was a thing of the past, until you get off birth control and realize it is back. So it could be worth to follow Dr. Hsu’s advise and get a hormonal check up, to see if you can balance it out.

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